Saturday, 15 November 2008

Erlang User Conference 2008 in Stockholm

I visited this year's Erlang User Conference in Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden and was very impressed by the organizers, sponsors, speakers and the nice Swedish people in general.

Session I:

Francesco Cesarini on ProTest

Melinda Tóth (?) on automated syntax manipulation

Dr. Bjarne Däcker organized the conference and even shot photos

A lot of FUN: Prof. John Hughes uses the computer to come up with algebraic relations for pure functions and to test them

Session II:

Session II chairman Mickaël Rémond

The Erlang crowd

Michal Slaski on the Erlang Web framework

Bob Ippolito talks about his company and its use of Erlang

Garry Bulmer sells DTrace to the crowd

Mickaël Rémond wants to give out this year Erlang User of the Year award to Damien Katz of CouchDB, but Damien could not make it to the conference because of spawn(Fun)

Francesco will hand out the award gift in person to Damien when he visits the United States

Lunch break:

The crowd needs food and drinks

The klokhuset (clock house) of Ericsson in Älvsjö, where the EUC 2008 took place

Session III:
Dr. Kostis Sagonas starts warming up, later he was challenging the crowd to be as nitpicking as the dialyzer tool

Kostis is still answering questions while the next guys want to conquer the place

Hans Nilsson told war stories about parsing SIP and testing that parser

Anders Nygren wrangled with ABNF parsing in general

Session IV:

Vlad Dumitrescu on the ErlIDE, an Erlang IDE based on Eclipse

Jacob Cederlund demoed ErlIDE

(sells 'LISP-flavoured-Erlang 'Robert-Virding 'crowd)

The Erlang logo

Kenneth Lundin on SMP for Erlang

Kenneth on the upcoming Erlang releases

Conference end:
Lennart Öhman reminds the crowd of the helpers and sponsors of the conference

Lennart gives instructions for getting to the ErlLounge after the conference

The conference finished with an ErlLounge (food, drink & conversation), which was a great event - thanks a lot to the sponsors and organizers!

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